gotta find the highway lookout look down at those lights, stop, but still (be still) red light on your face, on fire I love you (be still for me) white lights back of the car back of you back of your head I'm pressing you into me (still feel y) curve that road, light beam don't curve, hold a mirror in your hand, reflect that red light onto your chest (undo one more button), have got a new freckle on my breast but won't show you til later in the year (like that), look out down at those traffic paths, look up, no lights least not good ones nothing cosmic to discuss (let’s go) it’s cool out deep blue fade in, okay, let's go,

but watch the fuck out, those cars, those lights, oh still overpasses (play it like that) you pushed it too far, asked that, saw your face and the light change can’t think kindly of me anymore didn’t do what you wanted (if I do what you want) you’d rather be solo but that’s not all of it either (right right), hey, hand off that highway feeling, (get your hands off me, my collar, you’ve got it alright), get on in someone else’s car, leaned over the dash to touch, hey, hand on thigh, what gets to you, (all of it, watching these lights with you), (is this what you like, you asked me), what gives, how fast, oh right that’s how it feels (fully) are you flushed? is your face red from light or blood

times you’ve let someone drunk drive you home (take me home) yeah yeah but everyone wants you, wanna know, wanna try, alright, 

that's me to me -- that good young body --- hey take it easy know you've been out again , don't know what I'd,

cool it, just get in the car half a mouth of wine (red), kinda see better, can you spell accelerator with your eyes closed eyes red, we we're --- got cut, don't ask me about it because I won't tell you (who was she), oh, just me now, cannot meet you in the eye won't look know you saw me though

but it feels good when someone lets you smoke in the car right, window slit open, a temper controlled, make up kinda fast, don’t know if I could, 

my hair isn’t always wet but climb back into bed with it like that (comb it out for me with your hands) don’t need to ask you much anymore,

course I turned red for you don’t tell me you didn’t see that

                           that’s a new bruise to you

and if you come back to this place I'll be the lookout, if you come back to watch the lights (feel lightheaded), I will learn to drive, got caught up, but I know you, know of you now,